Before the Beginning …

I have been a writer for a really long time, and I come from writers. My parents ran a technical writing firm called “Writers and Editors” back in the 1970s and 80s, and following in their footsteps I wrote my first of three books in 2002 while my wife was pregnant with our daughter Chloe. Web Analytics Demystified was self-published, mostly because the few publishers I talked to didn’t think there was a market for web analytics books … but also because by self-publishing I was able to have an incredible amount of control over the entire process.

It turned out that the publishers were wrong.

My wife Amity and I printed thousands of copies of the book and had them shipped to our garage in San Diego, California. From there we advertised them on various online groups and eventually got them listed on … and every week we shipped hundreds of copies out across the globe. Before long I was a brand name in the digital measurement industry, something that propelled my career along an entirely new arc, and we had made a small and unexpected fortune from book sales.

I spent those profits on a Porsche 911 996 Cabriolet. 

I mention all of this as setup for this blog. I get asked a lot about how we got into cars, how we decided to build Dream Drives for Kids, and how other car owners can emulate our work and build something similar. I figured rather than relate the story in a haphazard way, one person at a time, I’d leverage my writing skills and tell the story over time to anyone who is interested.

Hopefully you’ll follow my writing, ask questions, and share your own thoughts.

Chloe, a probably about the same time I took the profits from self-publishing “Web Analytics Demystified” and used them to buy my first 911.