Did you see us on Fox 12?

Tony Martinez at Fox 12 took a break from telling Portland how bad traffic is and came and interviewed us about our work at Dream Drives for Kids. The piece turned out pretty good!

It’s only aired a few times but it is already helping us connect with families of kids who we think will LOVE our program.

I’m hugely grateful to Tony and his camera guy for coming out to the house and taking the time to help spread the word about Dream Drives for Kids.

I’m working on getting better photos of the cars

The old web site had severely dated photos of the cars so I am working on that now. I think I have a great location worked out but I was downtown Camas today and saw another backdrop.

What do you think?

The current plan is to use a green/vegetation backdrop on our property but sort of like this industrial look as well.


Coming soon … a Pink Porsche!

Yes, you read that right … a pink Porsche! More accurately the car is called “Rubystone Neo” and we ordered it with a chalk leather interior. Have a look:

We are lucky to have a great relationship with Porsche Beaverton who keep us on the order list for special cars like this one, and while we do already have the original GT3 Touring and should probably only keep one of them … how much fun will we have trying to decide which one!

Watch this blog for more details about the new car in the coming weeks!

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

One of the things we always struggle with is how to describe the cars on our web site. It’s not that we don’t have a lot to say … it’s just choosing the right words and putting them on the screen.

For this new site we cheated.

On each of the car’s description pages there is a section titled “according to artificial intelligence” and under that are a few paragraphs that are entirely written by the new OpenAI platform that you may have been reading about. As an old-school programmer I am absolutely blown away by what OpenAI can do and the content in this site is only a small piece of what we are doing with it at Dream Drives for Kids.

Have a look when you have a chance.

Welcome to the new Dream Drives for Kids

As we get closer and closer to the next phase at Dream Drives for Kids one of the things that has been on our list has been a new web site. We wanted to build something that would be easier to maintain, that had lots of tools for extensibility as we grow, and that would do a good job featuring photos of our cars and the experiences we create.

Hopefully you’ll agree that the site you are looking at is a step in the right direction.

We chose WordPress as a platform since it’s powerful, inexpensive, and easy to customize. Plus it does a better job of rendering on smaller screens than anything else we could find.

The list of things we still need to do includes better photos, video of each of the cars, and a way to integrate the little videos we make for each Dream Drive into the site. To that end, if you’re a WordPress ninja and want to help, I am all ears!